Associations, organizations, public services, clubs and companies can join as Heroes.

HeroesNearby are looking to create a community based on compassion, empathy, humanity and willingness to help. The HeroesNearby application connects the people who need help urgently with local community Heroes. These Heroes could be individuals or members of clubs, sports organizations, associations, businesses, groups, professionals and emergency services.

We are looking for ‘partners in safety’ who support these efforts, base their actions on universal human values and want to be recognized in the community. In return, we will actively promote your business, club or group on the Heroes Nearby app, website, blog and across our social media platforms.

The HeroesNearby application offers a unique set of tools to individuals and groups all over the world. We hope to inspire people and organizations to become active participants in the mission of promoting and living in accordance with universal human values.

How to become a Hero organization

If you are an official representative of your organization, association or club, you can apply as an Organization Administrator. Only the Administrator is eligible to apply on behalf of the organization and invite and verify its members as Hero Recruiters and Heroes. Don’t worry, the process is quick and easy.

Each organization, association or club that has at least 3 active members in the Heroes Nearby community gets special partner status, an official badge and will be promoted on our digital channels (web site, social networks, blog). Each reported Hero can be registered quickly and easily by the Organization Administrator.

For the Heroes Nearby initiative to become active in your city, there must be a certain number of Heroes (organizations and individuals). Your organization can help reach that number. Signing up as a Hero organization is free.


Heroes verification process

Once you are the Administrator, you can invite and approve your members as Hero Recruiters. The Hero Recruiters will invite potential Heroes in your organization through the Heroes Nearby app. Of course, the Administrator can also be a Hero Recruiter.

Responsibility of the Administrator

As an Administrator you officially represent your organization. It is up to you to invite members who embody the values of the Heroes Nearby project. The name of your organization will appear next to the name of each Hero. Encourage your Hero Recruiters and Heroes to be protectors of your city, give back to the local community and promote your organization.

We Care About Your Privacy

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