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Improve your and your loved ones personal safety by joining the Heroes Nearby community. Your best support in all situations where you need help. Our emergency app is completely free!

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The power of community and direct access to the the Heroes Nearby makes this must-have emergency app one of the best safety apps out there. Join now!

Community of HeroesCommunity of Heroes

Become someone’s Hero! Whether you possess special skills or just have a good heart, you can make your city a better and safer place where people help and care for each other.



We all need help and care in a variety of life situations – whether simple or life-threatening. The Heroes Nearby project via our free emergency app acts as a precautionary measure, gets you help quickly, and gives you peace of mind and a greater sense of security. Our emergency app also allows good humans – professionals and individuals with an open heart – to be true Heroes and help their fellow citizens, visitors and loved ones in any situation. Heroes Nearby is intended for:

Families, Children and Parents

Do you feel worried when your child goes to school or training and back alone? Are you concerned about bullying? Are you afraid no one will be there to help your child out while you are not around?

By installing Heroes Nearby emergency app on your children’s smart phone you can improve their safety and have peace of mind. With this app your child can send a quick and discreet signal straight to your phone regarding a potential or real danger they may face.  SOS calls come with a location tracker, and can be simultaneously directed to an unlimited number of people: relatives, friends and neighbours, as well as to the appropriate authorities. You can also count on the help of Heroes – selfless people in your community that you may not know personally, but who are ready and willing to help.

Chronic Patients

Do you have heart problem, suffer from asthma, epilepsy or another chronic condition? Have you already experienced a severe allergic reaction that threatened your life? Are you concerned about being alone or with people who don’t know how to help during an episode?

In situations where every second matters, with the Heroes Nearby emergency app you are one click away from sending an SOS call which clearly describes the type of danger you are in and how you can be helped. Not only will you inform your family and the emergency medical services at the same time, this call can also go to the members of the Heroes Nearby Community that have the necessary medical skills and are located in your vicinity.

The Elderly, Disabled and Their Caretakers

Had a fall and unable to get up? Flooded home due to a burst pipe? Power blackout or other household emergency? For elderly people, those with disabilities, or anyone who lives alone, an everyday household emergency, even when not particularly dangerous, can be a traumatic experience. Will the person in question remember to call someone at that moment? Will they be able to explain where they are and what happened to them?

With Heroes Nearby emergency app help is only a click away.  The person in distress will get an immediate response ; who received the call and whether help is on its way.

For outdoor enthusiasts

A mountaineer in trouble? A cyclist with a minor accident and a broken bike? A sailor with boat problems? For all fans of outdoor sports and activities, Heroes Nearby provides an layer of extra safety and the possibility to get help as soon as possible.

The Heroes Nearby mobile app can be customized to call relevant help with a single click. E.g. a distressed mountaineer could send out a call that would, in addition to his friends and family, alarm the emergency services, mountain rescue services, members of the local mountaineering society, and also other hikers nearby.

Anyone Who Wants to Feel Safer

The world can be a dangerous place. Unforeseen situations, as well as little or big emergencies are a part of life and difficult to avoid.

Whether or not you have fears about physical assault, criminal activity or potential accidents, Heroes Nearby is an effective, fast and reliable tool that can improve your personal security.  The Heroes Nearby app features, combined with the Heroes Nearby Community at your disposal, significantly increases your chances of a favourable outcome in stressful and emergency situations wherever you are.

Do you live in an area where the crime rates are high? Is there the possibility of a break in or assault at your home?

The Heroes Nearby app can be used in these situations to summon help, interrupt, and serve as a witness to criminal activity.

And who are the Heroes?

Heroes can be members of organizations and individuals

  • Members of emergency services
  • Doctors and nurses, social workers, police officers and firefighters, rescuers, etc.
  • Members of associations helping women, children and the elderly
  • Members of sports clubs, mountaineering societies, etc.
  • Company employees
  • Individuals – Parents and teachers, athletes, students, professionals, good people with an open heart

Do you want to become a local community Hero and do good deeds? It’s easy and without any obligation. You decide for yourself which call you want to answer and how. In case of minor problems you can certainly help directly – for example, go to the pharmacy for an elderly person or help a neighbor replace a tire. Helping in more difficult situations can also be, for example, calling the emergency service. It is good to do good.
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  • Create your SOS templates

    Create your SOS templates and tailor them to your life situations and needs

  • Add your Private Heroes

    Invite family and friends to your closest emergency contact circle and test the app with them

  • Be a Hero?

    Besides your loved ones, you can help your neighbors and everyone in the community. There is no obligation.



Check it out to see what it offers you and your family.

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The power of community and direct access to the Heroes Nearby makes this must-have emergency app one of the best safety apps out there. The Heroes Nearby emergency app is easy to use and carefully designed in collaboration with personal safety experts, a true guardian for any situation where you need help. 

Improve your safety

You can easily preset an indefinite number of SOS calls for a variety of situations: determine the type of emergency (e.g. health problem, physical assault, car accident…) with a list of recipients for each SOS and the risk level so all recipients will be aware of the problem you are facing.

Get help from the Heroes Nearby Community

Sometimes your family members and friends are not around to help you, nor are they closest to the scene. Then, you can rely on the Heroes Nearby Community – selfless, good people who are willing to help you.

1-Click SOS sending

Previously prepared SOS calls can be sent with a single click. This is especially important in critical situations when there is no time for hesitation.

Location and real-time tracking

After sending the SOS call, all recipients will receive information about your exact location on the interactive map and real-time tracking will be activated (it lasts until the SOS call is canceled). This can be particularly useful if your location changes, in the case of running from attackers or abduction, for example.

Alert your friends and family

Make your closest friends and family members your Private Heroes. Your detailed SOS call will reach them wherever they are.


When you are in a stressful, uncomfortable or life-threatening situation, it is encouraging to be informed that help is on the way. After sending an emergency call you will be notified that the SOS was received and help is on the way.

Photos, video and audio recordings

It is important to record everything that happens on the scene. You can attach photos, video and audio recordings to each SOS call. This provides key details about the place, circumstances or attackers.

Publish your SOS on social networks

Your emergency call should be heard by as many people as possible so you can choose to publish your SOS call on Facebook. 

Heroes Nearby mobile emergency app

Invite people and services that have not installed the app

When you need help, people and services that do not have the Heroes Nearby app on their phones, can be notified by SMS and email. They will see the details of your SOS call in real-time on the web via a special link.

Additional message and media SOS attachments

Sometimes it can be useful to send an SOS with an additional message such as: “I fell in the basement… Hurry”. This will help rescuers find you faster. You can also supplement the emergency call with additional photos, video or audio files. After a car accident, for example. We have thought of everything!

Incident report – Witness mode

If you are a witness to a situation that requires help (e.g. fights, destruction of property, criminal activity), you have the option to turn on the Witness mode, record everything on the spot and send it with an SOS call. The recipients will see that you are not in danger, but it does not mean that they should not help.

Smart wireless SOS push-button

In very dangerous situations, such as physical assault, you don’t have time to look for your phone or open the emergency app. We have designed Heroes Nearby to be compatible with FLIC – a smart, wireless, SOS-push button. It connects with our app so you can send an SOS call with one touch. You can pin it on your clothes or bag, attach it inside your car or home. Extremely useful.

Be a Hero

You can be a Hero to your child, neighbour and everyone else in the community. As a Hero, you can choose what kind of emergency calls you want to receive and what types of situations you want to respond to, and when. It’s up to you. In addition to making your city and neighbourhood a safer and better place to live, as a Hero you will also have some benefits.



Compatible with FLIC – a smart, wireless, SOS-push button.
In extremely dangerous situations such as physical assault or a medical emergency, every second matters. This is why we designed Heroes Nearby emergency app to be compatible with FLIC. FLIC is a smart, wireless, SOS-push button which connects with the Heroes Nearby App on your mobile phone so you can send an SOS with one touch without having to search for your phone or open the app!

FLIC button is coin-sized, lightweight and comes in several colors. You can pin it to your clothing or a purse, attach it to a car dashboard or just keep it somewhere at home. Highly recommended by safety experts!


You can choose which preset SOS calls to activate with your FLIC button.



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Protect your kids, family, friends and neighbors and help them when they need it most! By joining the Heroes Nearby Community, you have the opportunity to become somebody’s Real Life Hero in an efficient, simple way. Whether you possess special skills or just have a good heart, you can make your city a better and safer place to live, a place where people help and care for each other.